Cartpool is a crowd-buying community where people can come together and do groupbuys directly from vendors around the world. It works by combining a group's order into one collective shopping basket which is sent to the vendor as one bulk order.

How it works

Cartpool is a community where several people can come together and make a group order. Ever wanted to buy something but found it expensive? Ever wanted to buy a product but it wasn't available in the UAE? Ever had to pay a lot of money to ship a product over here? By pooling your order together with other people who also want to buy the same product we will help you make your order into a group bulk order so you get the products you want cheaply, quickly and socially!

Cartpool is a marketplace powered by the crowd. We connect groups of buyers directly to wholesale vendors around the globe through community organised group buys. We are focusing on products that are hard to find, overpriced or unavailable here in the UAE.

You use Cartpool by starting an order request for the product you want, the next step would be to get more people joining you in the request. The more people we can get for a request the more likely it is for a vendor on the platform to see it and post it for you and your request buddies to buy. We deal with many vendors across the country and the globe who will be regularly posting pools and fulfilling order requests for the community so keep an eye because live pools only last 5 days and quantity is mostly limited!

Meet the Cartpool bar. You will see this in every pool on Cartpool. Each segment represents a price and an order quantity. As more people join the pool the final price everyone should pay will reduce. This is because vendors give discounts based on the quantity of products we order. The other thing vendors set is the minimum quantity order for each pool. This is the first tier which must be reached to make this pool possible, if within 5 days the first tier is not unlocked, the order will not go through to the vendor and no one will be charged.

Once a pool reaches its minimum quantity for the order, we confirm it with the vendor and ship the products directly to you! We only charge you once the pool is finished and the price you pay will always be the lowest price the pool unlocks regardless of when you joined the pool.

Cartpool is a community. As the community grows so does Cartpool and our ability to give you the best products for the best prices. Starting pool requests is a great way to get the community’s voice heard and for vendors to fulfil these requests. Get your buddies, we will get our buddies and our buddies will get their buddies and LET’S CARTPOOL!